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Since 2017

RENG Lighting

The RENG product line is inspired by the desire to make lighting once again a celebration of craft and makers. Brendan Bass' designs are produced by small family factories and workshops throughout Italy.

Thirty years ago, when Brendan started his first lighting line, Chart House, he was inspired by a desire to create a tailored, traditional lighting and accessories brand. The 1990s lighting market was dominated by brands who celebrated the “over designed”. In that era there was a void, an absence of the tasteful, no one spoke to heritage or traditional inspiration.

In 2000, the lighting industry had moved to a model of homogeneous mass production. Brendan felt that the story behind the design and making was lost and replaced with the story of lowest price. Thus in 2017, Brendan designed RENG to create a visceral line between consumer and maker, consumer and designer. Who designed it and who’s hands crafted it are an important part of the RENG purchase experience .

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