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Representing Seasonal Living in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, & Pennsylvania


An innovative, award-winning boutique source for high quality, cutting edge, indoor/outdoor, multi-function furnishings and decorative accessory collections. We are passionate about redefining living spaces and offering fresh, bold, and innovative furniture.
While our product roots remain entrenched in outdoor living, new technologies have afforded us the ability to expand our product collection to offer a range of truly indoor/outdoor living furniture and decorative accessories. Our goal is to offer you with more flexibility and options, providing uninterrupted flows between traditionally defined in or outdoor living spaces. 
We look forward to working with you to create the unique in/out living environments you crave. Our various collections are specifically chosen to work in synchronicity, which allows us to provide you with a broad range of design choices and combinations. 
Our ethos is to never follow the crowd, we constantly challenge ourselves to design and source collections that push prevailing definitions of design and mass-market product offerings.
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